Monday, June 18, 2012


Recently visited Rome and Athens in a whirlwind tour of antiquity. It was a trip of a lifetime, seeing the landmarks that I've read about for so long. It was a fast trip, didn't quite get a sample of the culture but I wouldn't have changed a thing.

And also, I have replaced my camera, which was stolen last November. So more pictures are coming. 

Seven Little Lambs

My co-worker's neighbor had excitedly told her community that one of her ewes had given birth to seven little lambs, an impressive number even for the finn sheep, which apparently give birth to a bunch. We figured it was a nice, cute, little quick video story.

On the Space Needle's Roof

Some time ago, the Space Needle kicked off their 50th anniversary celebrations by inviting a bunch of journalists to the Needle's roof to photograph the family who owns the landmark paint the roof. So on a regular cloudy Seattle day, we went to the top.

A taste of the 1990s at the Sonics rally

With Payton, Detlef, and Kemp making appearances and a KUBE 93 DJ emceeing, a recent rally for the return of the Sonics felt a little like a time capsule. But overall, it was quite fun to shoot.