Monday, February 21, 2011

Marymoor Dog Park

We took my family's dogs out for a stroll on a sunny winter Sunday to Marymoor Park recently. It was the first time I've gone to the dog park section of Marymoor. It's quite impressive and huge.

There's dogs of all kinds there and the dogs have the run of the place.

Niko and Sweetie had some fun, except when Niko was attacked. 

Sweetie takes a short pause before running all over the park chasing her ball.

Niko just goes for it. All the time. Every day. It gets annoying.

This is a puppy. Quite ugly!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Refugee Day

There are rallies almost every day in Olympia. But the refugee rally is one of the few that brings people from all corners of the world to the steps of the Capitol.

This past week I got a chance to take some photographs of the rally for one of my AP stories. (It felt great to be away from the desk.) The story is about budget cuts that are already affecting refugees in the state, and the possibilities of more cuts coming to programs that aids them.

Read the story here.

The man is from Burundi, the woman is from Tanzania.







Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Minihorses!! (Updated)

Recently, I decided to do a video of a couple in Olympia who own minihorses, which are, well, miniature horses. The video should publish soon.

But I took some pictures just in case we did a text story, so you can enjoy those now.

The pictures feature a minihorse breeder in Renton and one minihorse owner and a friend walking the minihorses around their neighborhood in Olympia.

Here's the video.

Mary Ann, a minihorse breeder in Renton.

She must have had like 25 minihorses in her farm.

This one liked me. Kept butting up against the tripod.

Donna and a friend walk Donna's minihorses in Olympia. It was pouring and I got soaked.

Aside two minihorses, Donna owns more than a dozen chickens, two dogs and a cat.

Chico, the minihorse

Monday, February 7, 2011

Last Line: The Capitol

We've gotten a few nice, sunny days here in Olympia - a rarity during February. I remember my first time I lived here, in 2006 while I was a UW intern, Olympia broke a record for most consecutive days of rain. 

It was lame.

The other day the sun rays bathed the Capitol's dome so I took a few snaps.