Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Minihorses!! (Updated)

Recently, I decided to do a video of a couple in Olympia who own minihorses, which are, well, miniature horses. The video should publish soon.

But I took some pictures just in case we did a text story, so you can enjoy those now.

The pictures feature a minihorse breeder in Renton and one minihorse owner and a friend walking the minihorses around their neighborhood in Olympia.

Here's the video.

Mary Ann, a minihorse breeder in Renton.

She must have had like 25 minihorses in her farm.

This one liked me. Kept butting up against the tripod.

Donna and a friend walk Donna's minihorses in Olympia. It was pouring and I got soaked.

Aside two minihorses, Donna owns more than a dozen chickens, two dogs and a cat.

Chico, the minihorse

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