Saturday, January 2, 2010

La Lucha Es En La Calles

More than three years ago now, I lived in Costa Rica when the country faced an identity crisis.

Costa Rica, the most successful Central American country, was debating whether to enter a trade agreement with the United States. For proponents of the agreement, it was a chance to open more economic channels, further bring the tiny Central American country to the world's economy. The opponents saw it as an assault on the country's sovereignty; they saw it as bowing to the Americans once again.

Walls around the country were tagged repeatedly by the opposition. One of the tags was "La Lucha es en las Calles" which means "The Fight is in the Streets."

That line stuck with me.

Everyday we fight, whether it's to survive our mundane lives or as we face life's more serious challenges.

As a journalist, it has been my job to chronicle some of these fights. In this blog, I will try to show you a bit of what goes on behind the making of a story.


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