Sunday, October 24, 2010

An Immigrant's Courage

Back on the immigration beat this week. One of my recent stories got good play around the country, and equally exciting was that I got to again take pictures for the story. The fine folks at The Seattle Times featured the picture on the front page of the website for good chunk of the day. Pretty sweet.

The story, about a vote drive in Seattle that has many undocumented immigrant volunteers, touched the nerve of the immigration issue. And in these heated political climate, it got spun like a top.

Key for the story was Maria --- the undocumented woman who agreed to be photographed and be written about. It's a brave move.

In my career I've met many people who are here working and don't have the documents that say they're legally in the country. The fear of being detained and deported is palpable, so Maria's courage is venerable and unusual.

More pictures below:


I had about 45 minutes for the assignment on a Saturday. My good colleagues in Portland covered for me on the desk.


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