Thursday, May 19, 2011

Guatemalan Bike Riders Stare at My Camera & Vice Versa

Any time I go back to the country of my birth, I feel like an outsider. That's to be expected after leaving so early, and staying away so long. Plus, I wear too many shorts and my Spanish is not up to date.

But feeling and looking like an outsider is acerbated by the camera. That big black box with a tube coming out with a little motor noise - it stands between you and people; though, sometimes it unites you with a person, but often it doesn't. Like in this case, where the camera is just an object from a car staring like a tourist at the way these people live and transport themselves.

So the people stare back.

Often I wonder what kind of person I'd be had I stayed in Guatemala, I'd probably be skinnier.

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