Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Pyramid of The Sun

I did not expect it, but at the top of the Pyramid of the Sun, I felt at peace. I sat there with the wind blowing and sun shining for a good 30 minutes after climbing the 280-odd stone, at points nearly vertical, steps. I even felt nice enough to offer to take photos of tourists near me. Just kidding. I often intrude into people's trips.

I digress. The Pyramid of the Sun is at Teotihuacan, an impressive archeological site just one hour outside Mexico City. The pyramids are one of the largest pre-Columbian structures in Mesoamerica. Archeologists think that this site and its surroundings was home to 200,000 people of all parts of Mexico and Central America. Read the Wikipedia.

I was told later on that it's common practice for people to come here and bring their newborn babies to the top. People believe there's some sort of energy up there, one that will bring them good luck.

I over did the Photoshop here.

Pyramid of the Moon.

Latino love PDA everywhere. Seriously, everywhere.

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