Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Zoo Animal

A wolf munches on meat at the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim. Big predators, like this wolf and tigers, are in enclosure is no bigger than a small studio.

Zoos are unique places that allow the every man, woman and child to see exotic animals representing far off places, and many work tirelessly to conserve nature around the world.

Yet it seems cruelly ironic that the creatures we marvel at, even if bred in captivity, are basically prisoners behind bars, pacing back and forth.

What do you think of zoos?

For some reason, I found myself at three zoos recently. Here are some pictures:

Olympic Game Farm in Sequim

A black bear looks on as cars drive by her enclosure.

A lion eats in a den attached to his enclosure.

Around all the big predators, bunnies run around free.

The main attraction for the Game Farm is a drive through the property. Drivers can feed yaks, deer and horses bread that's provided.

Vancouver Zoo

Spectators watch a trained beluga whale at the Vancouver zoo.

Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma

Owl food.

The Point Defiance Zoo has a breeding program for red wolves. Only 100 live in the wild, re-introduced from zoos.

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